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Prepare For a Stay

Just a quick update to keep our furry friends happy and healthy! We've noticed that there's been a bit of an increase in reported/suspected cases of Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC) - also known as "kennel cough" - in some areas, especially Cobourg/Port Hope/Northumberland.

At Tucked Inn, we prefer the term Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC) over "kennel cough" to more accurately reflect the nature of this illness. The term "kennel cough" is misleading, as it suggests that kennels are the sole source of infection. In reality, dogs can contract CIRDC in many places, including parks, veterinary clinics, grooming salons, and even during walks. By using the correct terminology, we help educate our clients on the broader risks and emphasize the importance of preventative care in all environments. Our goal is to promote a clear understanding of canine health, ensuring every dog stays happy and healthy, no matter where they are.


To make sure your pups stay healthy and happy, we kindly ask that you avoid visiting dog parks, pet stores, vet clinics, and groomers in the two weeks prior to your pup's stay. And as much as we all appreciate stores providing shared water dishes, we suggest not allowing your dog to drink from them - this can help prevent the spread of viruses contributing to CIRDC.

We recognize that there are vaccinations available that may help to prevent some of the infections that cause CIRDC, like the Bordetella vaccine. But, even if your pup has been vaccinated, they can still contract the illness.

If you notice any signs of CIRDC, such as coughing, nasal discharge, runny eyes, and fever, please give us a call to discuss. And please, if your pup is feeling under the weather, keep them home - we want everyone to have a great time!


Last but not least, if your dog has recently visited another boarding facility (daycare and/or overnight stays) within two weeks prior to your check-in date, we will have to pass on boarding them this time.

Thanks for your help in keeping Tucked Inn a safe and happy place for all our furry guests!

Just a reminder to please ensure we have a copy of your pet's most recent vaccination certificate(s). 

You can email a copy ahead of time, upload it to your online account under "Documents," or bring a printed version with you at check in. For more information on vaccine requirements, click here.

What to Bring?

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While we're getting ready to give your pups a fantastic getaway, here is some information on what you can pack to make sure they have everything they need to feel right at home! The basics are:


  • Food / Treats / Long Lasting Chews (no rawhide permitted!)

  • Bed / Blanket / Towel / Toy(s)

  • Medications / Supplements

  • Bedtime Treat / Snack

  • Vaccination Certificate(s) (if not already provided)


Feel free to bring one or two of their favorite toys, one of your own articles of clothing, a bed, blanket and/or towel, and anything else that may help them feel comfortable during their stay. We'll make sure all their belongings stay with them in their suite.

Now, let's talk food! We know your furry friends have big appetites, especially after a fun day of play, so please make sure to bring enough of their regular food to last their entire stay. And if they'll be with us for more than five nights, adding a few extra meals is always a good idea. We want to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy, so please don't switch their food right before their stay - their tummies will thank you!


Now, we know things can get a little crazy sometimes, so in the event that you're delayed and need your dog to stay an extra night, we've got you covered. We offer quality raw food from Raw Performance for sale, starting from $4.50/lb, depending on blends and protein choice. We will discuss this with you if needed.


To help us keep everything organized, please pack your pet's food in sealed Ziploc bags, plastic containers, or anything that is resealable. You do not need to separate their meals into individual packages; we will portion as directed. And please include feeding instructions either in or on the bag or container, or with your pet's belongings..


When it comes to bowls, you can leave those at home, unless you have a special feed bowl. We've got everything covered with our stainless steel bowls that we collect, wash, and sanitize after each guest is finished with it. If your pup is used to using a challenge bowl, we have those here too! Our meals are usually served around 8:30am – 9:30am and 4:30pm – 5:30pm, but we're happy to accommodate your pup's dietary needs. We rarely feed after 6:00pm, but are able to accommodate medical needs. Just let us know and we'll make sure they're well-fed and happy!


One last thing to note: if your pet has a complex feeding schedule or protocol, there may be an additional fee of $5/day, but we'll discuss everything with you beforehand.

Essentials to Pack

Food / Treats

  • Enough food for the duration of stay.

  • Leave bowls at home.

  • Longer than five nights, feel free to send a bit extra just in case.

  • Familiar treats, especially bedtime treats/snacks.

  • Bring food in a sealed ziploc bag or container, labeled with instructions. 

  • Raw fed? No problem! Please see the section below dedicated to our raw fed guests. 


  • Bed, blanket, and/or a towel from home.

  • Bed/blanket may not come home in the same state that it arrived in.

  • Stress chewing is a possibility, even if they do not chew at home.

  • Blankets are provided for all guests if forgotten at home.

  • We offer laundry service for our guests' belongings prior to going home ($).

Toy / Long Chew

  • Toys (silicone, plush, etc.) are permitted - please note that these may not come home in the same state they arrived in.

  • All belongings remain in suite, so little risk of loss.

  • Chew toys and/or long lasting chews help to occupy during downtime.

  • We offer boredom buster treats, activities, and chews for purchase.

  • Please keep all rawhide at home.

  • Rawhide alternatives are allowed. 


  • Original containers preferred.

  • Daily pill organizers are permitted and encouraged for multiple medications.

  • Prescriptions must have the prescribing veterinarian name, medication details, and dosage instructions. 

  • Supplements are given at mealtimes. 

  • Daily/weekly pill organizers must be pre-loaded prior to arrival. 

We Love Feeding Raw!

raw dog food.jpeg
Great news! We are happy to support and encourage raw feeding for your furry friend!

We have a dedicated fridge and freezer to keep your pups food fresh and safe. And, for our longer term guests, we have several deep freezers to store all of their raw meals, treats, and goodies.

To ensure that your pet receives the right portion of raw food at the right time, we kindly ask that you individually portion and package all food for each meal. If the meals are not commercially packaged and pre-portioned, simply label them with the date, which meal, and which pet they are for. For example, "Marley Jones, Sept 3rd - AM." This way, your pet will receive their food in the perfect portion at the right time. Please remember there is no need to bring any bowls, but if your pet has a feeding mat for raw food, feel free to bring it along and we'll make sure it's sanitized after each meal.

It's important to note that if your raw food is not portioned before your arrival, there will be a small additional charge of $5 per day for portioning (weighing/measuring) the meal. And, if you happen to not bring enough raw food, don't worry - we've got you covered! We offer for purchase quality raw food from Raw Performance, including pure Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Turkey, Rabbit Fish, Pork, as well as delicious blends, starting at $4.50/lb, depending on the protein choice and recipe. 


If you would like to save some time, packaging, and transport, why not order your pups meals from us and we will have it ready for their stay! ... Visit our online shop to pre-order some of the best food available! If you have any questions about feeding raw, get in touch. We love to talk raw!

We're committed to ensuring that your furry friend gets the best possible care and nutrition during their stay with us, and we're here to help in any way we can.

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