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Meet Kerrie

Kerrie Jean, the proud owner and primary caregiver of Tucked Inn Kennels. With over 45 years of experience as an animal caregiver, Kerrie welcomes all types of animals into her heart and her home. Growing up with a diverse array of animals including dogs, cats, goats, chickens, ducks, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, and fish, there isn't an animal she hasn't met that doesn't become one of her 'babies'.

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A lifelong animal lover, Kerrie has always surrounded herself with animals. Her passion for ensuring that all animals are treated with the care and love they deserve is evident in the design of Tucked Inn Kennels, which has been tailored to provide the ultimate comfort for your dog.


Kerrie's passion for animals is not just limited to her love for them, but also extends to her quest for knowledge about animal behavior and welfare. She is constantly expanding her knowledge by studying new techniques, training methods, and behavioral adaptations. Her thirst for learning is never-ending. To date, she has successfully completed studies and holds certifications in many aspects of animal care.

Certificates and Training


  • Animal Psychology

  • Dog Psychology

  • Dog Cognition and Emotion


  • Dog Behaviour and Training

  • Prevention and Management of Dog Aggression


  • Animal Care and Welfare

  • Animal Physical Therapy

  • Pet First Aid & CPR

  • Veterinary Assistant

  • Veterinary Support Assistant

  • Animal Reiki Certified


  • Pet Nutrition

  • Grooming Fundamentals

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