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Tucked Inn Kennel offers a personal touch with its limited 11 boarding suites, ensuring plenty of individual attention for each guest. Our suites range from 25 sq. ft. Deluxe to 50 sq. ft. Premium for larger dogs and multi-pet families, all of whom receive VIP treatment.


For senior dogs, puppies, anxious pets, or those seeking a quieter stay, we have a spacious 500 sq. ft. Studio Suite, equipped with a TV, wood stove, furniture, and a bed where a staff member will spend the night for added comfort and companionship (and dogs are welcome on the bed!).


Tucked Inn Kennels provides a variety of services for you and your pet: * Overnight boarding with discounts for stays over 10 nights * Drop-in Visits / Daycare * Board and Train * Grooming (exclusive to our guests) * Behavioural Assessments and Consulting Our custom-designed, secure suites offer luxury and safety with raised, padded vinyl floors, formaldehyde-free hardwood construction, soothing music, and aromatherapy to calm the senses. You can bring your pet's bed or blanket, or even a couch cushion, to make them feel at home. Every stay includes outdoor playtime in our fenced courtyard, daily housekeeping service, medication administration, and interaction with our staff. For added comfort, we offer an a-la-carte menu with extra amenities and activities. At Tucked Inn Kennels, your pet will receive a unique, pleasant and worry-free experience. Our staff is trained in veterinary assistance, dog behaviour, psychology, training, and more. Our facility features security cameras, smoke alarms, CO2 detectors, and multiple on-site caregivers for added peace of mind. Our quiet location with minimal traffic noise and distractions makes it ideal for senior dogs, puppies, and special needs pets.