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Shuttle Service

Traveling with your furry best friend can be challenging, but we've got you covered! Say goodbye to the stress of packing up the car with all of your pet's gear and rushing to make it to the airport on time. Our Shuttle Service is here to make your life easier!

And when you return from your vacation, the last thing you want to do is make another trip to pick up your pup. So why not let us bring them to you? It's the perfect way to reunite with your furry friend and catch up on all the snuggles you've missed.

Our Shuttle Service starts at just $25 plus HST per trip, and we've even taken pups as far as Oakville and New Brunswick! Let us lighten your load and contact us today for a quote. We can't wait to make your travels a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

Basic Rates

For addresses outside these locations, please contact us for a rate. Prices are based on kms and time of year.


Shuttle Wait Time Policy

We want to ensure your shuttle experience is enjoyable and hassle-free. Here's the lowdown on our wait time policy:

When the shuttle arrives, we'll wait for a considerate 10 minutes to give everyone ample time to board. We understand that unforeseen delays can happen, and this grace period helps accommodate those situations.

To keep things running smoothly and respect everyone's schedules, we kindly ask for your cooperation. Our services are scheduled, and delays can disrupt another client's plans. We greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Once the initial 10 minutes have passed, there will be a fee of $10 for every additional 5 minutes of waiting time if we can accommodate it. However, if there are other clients needing our attention, we may need to depart without collecting or dropping off your pet. This helps us stay on track and ensures timely departures.

Please note that if the waiting time extends into after hours, there will be an additional late fee of $49 added to the invoice. This fee covers the costs associated with extended services during those hours. Your understanding in this regard is highly valued.

Furthermore, if we have to leave without collecting or dropping off your pet and you request a return at another time, a second full shuttle fee will be charged, along with any applicable wait times and late fees.


We kindly ask that you make note of the shuttle's arrival time and aim to be present during the designated departure window. Your cooperation enables us to provide an efficient and punctual service for all passengers.

Thank you for choosing our shuttle service. We're excited to have you onboard!

What Our Clients Say

magnus sharpe.PNG

Cynthia S.

"In just 3 visits to Tucked Inn Kennels Magnus (8 month old American Bully) went from being "a lot of work" to "he's a sweetheart". Magnus and his owners both highly recommend them."
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