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Boarding Requirements

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For those wishing to book a stay of five nights or more, if your pet has never boarded overnight with us, we require that ALL new dogs have a one-night trial stay (regular and holiday overnight rates apply) before committing to longer stays. 



If your pet’s stay is longer than two (2) weeks, you are required to book laundry service for your pet’s belongings. A minimum $10 laundry fee will be added to the final invoice. If your dog comes with a bed, a further laundry fee will be added, depending on bed size ($15-$30). 


If your pet’s stay is longer than three (3) weeks, you are required to book a PAWdicure for your pet’s nails. Any dog who arrives with nails that are overgrown will have their nails trimmed and a $15 charge will be added to the final invoice. Overgrown nails are extremely painful and put the dog at greater risk for injury and infection.

Must Haves


Dogs must be well tempered and non-aggressive. Dogs must be friendly and social with other dogs, people and children.


Dogs must be up to date with vaccines based on our requirements. You must have two weeks between vaccination and boarding.


Dogs must be healthy and free from any signs of communicable disease. Your dog must be symptom free for 10 days prior to boarding with us.

When We Need to Say 'No'

At Tucked Inn Kennels, the safety and comfort of all our guests and employees is of utmost importance. To ensure a pleasant stay for all, it is necessary that your pet is well-behaved and free of communicable diseases. If your dog shows signs of aggression, dominant or guarding behavior towards other dogs or humans, barks excessively, continually damages their suite, or has any communicable diseases, we regret that we will not be able to offer and/or continue boarding services for their safety and the well-being of our other guests and staff.


We understand that every pet is unique, and we care deeply about the happiness and comfort of all our guests. We ask that you please adhere to these guidelines when booking a stay with us, so that we can ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Please note that any dogs sharing a suite (except for 24 hour companion in the Studio) must be from the same household. We are unable to accommodate "friends" sharing a suite for safety reasons.

Spay / Neuter Status

At Tucked Inn Kennels, we understand that not all dogs are spayed or neutered, and we are happy to welcome pets with diverse backgrounds and temperaments. However, to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, it is important that we have certain requirements in place.

For male dogs that exhibit marking behavior indoors, we may recommend the use of a Belly Band, which we provide for a fee of $5 + HST per day. Our disposable absorbent bands are a convenient solution to keep your pet and their surroundings clean.

For female dogs that are within three weeks of estrus (heat) on either side, we do require an additional fee of $60 + HST per night to ensure their comfort and well-being during their stay. Females in active heat must book the Studio Suite with 24-hour supervision at the appropriate rate (standard; holiday rate; etc.) with an additional estrus fee of $60 + HST per night.


Our goal is to provide a safe, stress-free environment for all of our guests, and these policies help us achieve that.

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