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Coming Soon: A Premier Retreat for Dogs in our Vintage Airstream Argosy!

Prepare to treat your furry friends to an exclusive getaway that combines charm, comfort, and unmatched hospitality. We are delighted to announce that very soon, our vintage Airstream Argosy will open its doors to accommodate our esteemed canine guests. Get ready to embark on a unique and memorable retreat tailored specifically to your four-legged companions.

Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure as your dogs step into our inviting vintage Airstream Argosy. This charming retreat offers a cozy and private setting where your furry friends can unwind and find solace in a tranquil environment. Equipped with thoughtfully curated amenities, our Argosy ensures that your pet's comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

Please note that prior approval will be required for booking the Argosy to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable experience for all our guests. We take great care in creating a welcoming and safe environment, carefully vetting each furry guest to ensure compatibility and ensure a worry-free retreat for everyone involved.

Stay tuned as we finalize the preparations to welcome your cherished companions to this exclusive getaway. Get ready to witness tails wag with joy as your dogs embark on a memorable and comfortable escape in our vintage Airstream Argosy. Unveiling soon - an experience that will leave your furry friends longing for their next visit.


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