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Streamlining the Paw-some Experience: Your Guide to Hassle-Free Booking at Tucked Inn Kennels!

🐾 We're thrilled to see our online booking tool becoming a hit among our fantastic clients! Your support means the world to us. 🌟

We've received some valuable feedback and questions regarding the process, so let's address the most common ones:

🔹 Daycare Payments: Daycare bookings now require payment via credit card at the time of booking, including any additional products or services you may wish to add. If no spots are available, rest assured, you'll receive a prompt refund or credit for a future date.

🔹 Daycare Multi-Visit Passes: Want to purchase a multi-visit pass? You can do so when booking a daycare visit. Simply book your visit, and the option to add a pass will become available. If you prefer alternative payment methods like e-transfer or cash, reach out to us directly, and we'll make the arrangements.

🔹 Overnight Stays: No changes here! Overnight bookings still don't require payment upfront. You'll receive an acknowledgment email with deposit details, which must be settled within 24 hours.

Rest assured, there's always a friendly human on the other end reviewing your booking requests, ready to assist in any way we can! 🤗 And yes, for those who prefer traditional methods, we're still happily accepting booking requests via email and phone!

Thank you for embracing our online system and for entrusting us with your furry friends. We can't wait to see you and your pups soon! 🐶💕

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