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The Ultra Case is a 24lb case with 4 different proteins. (12 x 2lb tubs)


Three 2lb tubs of  Pure Rabbit: Ground Rabbit (Meat and Finely Ground Bone) and Rabbit Liver.


Three 2lb tubs of Pure Salmon: Ground Salmon (Meat and Finely Ground Bone).


Three 2lb tubs of Gourmet Beef: Ground Beef (Meat and Finely Ground Bone), Offals (Liver, Kidney, Spleen), Green Beef Tripe, Spinach, Kale and Kelp.


Three 2lb tubs of Gourmet Pork: Ground Pork (Meat and Finely Ground Bone), Pork Offals (Liver, Kidney, Spleen), Spinach, Kale, and Kelp.

Raw Performance Ultra Case - 24 lbs

SKU: 090565100185
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